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Details for Strengthening Families

Strengthening Families

If your family is already working with two or more agencies our Strengthening Families programme can help identify what further support you need and co-ordinate with all the groups involved by getting them together in order to achieve the family's goals.

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Details for Youth Counselling

Youth Counselling

One to one counselling and support for teenagers going through a difficult time with an experienced youth worker.

Details for Boys' Programme

Boys' Programme

One to one therapeutic sessions for boys between the ages of 8 and 11 who are facing problems at home.

Details for Chrysalis Children's Programme

Chrysalis Children's Programme

Homebuilders' Chrysalis Programme is designed especially to support children during those times when life events or change is overwhelming, and they are in need of extra care.

Details for Bag of Tricks Parenting Course

Bag of Tricks Parenting Course

Our main parenting course teaches parents the practical skills that are essential for anyone raising school-age children.

Details for Parents Who Rock

Parents Who Rock

Parents who Rock is a course designed for those who wish to develop a healthy relationship with their children while maintaining an appropriate parental hierarchy, and where discipline is maintained with fairness and respect.

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