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Accessibility Statement

At Homebuilders, we want to make our services available to anyone who needs them, regardless of what challenges they face.

With all this in mind, we have undertaken to make this website accessibile to as many people as possible by learning about the ways people use the internet, the tools available to them, and by meeting current web standards for accessibility.

We've tried to make our site work with technologies like screen readers for the blind, we've tried to make sure our colours do not present a hurdle to the colour-blind or otherwise vision-impaired, and we've tried to make sure our navigation works for all people no matter what devices they may emply to use the internet.

[Document areas where these standards are not met and the reason why.]

If you encounter any accessibility-related issues when using this site, please let us know at homebuildersfs@gmail.com.

Access Keys

This site uses the following Access Keys:
  • 1 Home Page
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  • 2 Site map
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  • 0 Accessibility information including access key details [this page]

An underlined letter on a navigation link also indicates an Access Key.

More access keys will be defined.

A quick guide to Access Keys by Browser
BrowserVersionActivate Accesskey
Chromev3 or above (Windows)Alt + Accesskey
Chromev3 or above (Mac)Ctl + Opt + Accesskey
FirefoxFF 2 and 3 (Windows and Linux)Alt + Shift + Accesskey
FirefoxFF 2 and 3 (Mac)Ctrl+ Accesskey
Internet ExplorerPrior to IE8Alt + Accesskey, then Enter
Internet ExplorerIE8 and aboveAlt + Accesskey
Operav7 and above(Windows or Mac)Shift + Escape, (release) then Accesskey
Safariv3 (Mac)Ctrl + Accesskey
Safariv3 (Windows)Alt + Accesskey
Safariv4 and above (Mac)Ctrl + Opt + Accesskey
Safariv4 and above (Windows)Alt + Accesskey
For more complete thorough information on browser support for Access Keys, try the Wikipedia page on Access Keys.

Resizing Fonts

This site is designed to work with the text font-size features of modern browsers:

In Internet Explorer: go to the View menu at the top of your screen, select Text size, then choose to view with larger or smaller type.

In Firefox: press CTL + to make text bigger, and CTL - to make text smaller.

In Chrome: press CTL + to make text bigger, and CTL - to make text smaller.

In other browsers: consult the browser Help for details on how to resize the text.

High Contrast Version

A High Contrast version is available for those who have limited colour vision or limited vision generally. It is not currently activated.Turn High Contrast mode on. To alternate between this and the normal version you can use the link in the top right corner.


We use print stylesheets so that the site navigation and banner are not printed, only the page content.

PDF documents

Some documents are available on our site in PDF format. To view and print PDF files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free to download.


This site aspires to be compliant to the HTML 5.0, W3C CSS level 3 and WCAG 2.0 standards.